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This website will cover all of my interests, and hopefully include a few things to interest you as well. Keep reading below to get a brief glimpse of what I have to offer in each category I have available.


This page will show you all of my graphics. I enjoy making different graphics, and am learning how to animate and make glitters. I offer adoptables, graphics for Neopets, and much more!


Here you will find links to all my favorite places to visit on the web. Don't be surprised to find several links to Neopets.

About Me

Learn more about me, who I am, and why I do the things I do. Might be more info here than you'll ever want to know! Be afraid, be very afraid...


What is this "Neopets"? Visit this page to learn what it is, how to play, and some great guides and graphics to help you get started!


I like to make graphic awards to give to people for different reasons. See if you qualify to earn one! If I've won any awards, they will be placed on this page.


Not a page, just a link to send me an email.


If you have an account with Neopets, send me a Neomail!


Find out what I offer for you. Also contains a few website services that I use a lot.


Hmmm... I wonder what's in this section?

The purpose of this page is to collate all my images and ideas together. Not everyone will find something they are looking for here. I appreciate any and all feedback, so send those emails and/or neomails! I hope to have an interesting site for my friends to look through and enjoy.

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