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Dorfina is the only daughter of a wealthy dwarf family. Being a female, her wealth is not hers, but given to her husband. Dorfina doesn't see the sense in her money being given to some man, who probably isn't as good as she is in battle, anyway. Her father tries to arrange a marriage to a male dwarf from a neighboring family they were friendly with. Getting mad about the whole thing, Dorfina decides to take off, and leave everything behind.

Dorfina sets out to prove to herself and her father, that she doesn't need anyone (such as a husband) in her life to tell her what to do. She can earn her own riches through the spoils of battle. Weilding her trusty battleaxe, Dorfina soon makes a name for herself on the battlefield. Reckless to a fault, she rushes headlong into battle, waiting for no one. This tendency of leaping before looking eventually lands her in serious trouble. A Kobold ambush catches her. Although normally able to deal with these creatures easily, the cunning pack manages to overwhelm her.

Seriously injured from the attack, she finds herself lost in the Whispering Woods. Feeling lost and alone for the first time in her life, Dorfina begins to lose hope. As night falls, the woods close in around her, and she collapses.

As dawn breaks the next day, she wakes to gentle music being played. Although the music is not normally something she favors, being a far cry from dwarven music, she finds herself drawn to it. Thus she meets Araanna, and elf, and learns of the Elereth Clan.

Feeling pulled against her will, it doesn't take long for her to realize that she has found the home she's been looking for. She does need someone, after all. Although she has an inbred contempt for elves, for some reason she forms a bond with this elf.

Bio created by Sherri Screen for
character Dorfina Elereth
on D&D Online